Nut Butter Recall: Do Your Own Investigation


We were watching the news two days ago when they reported that certain nut butters were being recalled because of a salmonella risk. One of the stores mentioned was Trader Joe’s. We love that store, and we buy the majority of nut butters there for our son. Once we found out that many of the nut butters sold in grocery stores contain hydrogenated oils (soybean, vegetable), we looked into buying only organic or all-natural nut butters. Read my older post entitled ” Ever Wonder Why Peanut Butter Hardens at Room Temperature”at

I was really surprised to hear this about Trader Joe’s. They are very reputable, and everyone is always so helpful when I shop there. I went to the news website to get more information. They (the media) reported that instead of returning the product, you could call a number and get a refund. When I didn’t find any additional information on the website, I called Trader Joe’s. The employee that I spoke with told me that it was only the raw almond butters that were affected. He also directed me to their website. I made a comment about the media not always having their facts straight.  I was informed that a local radio station was giving them a bad name;  they announced that it was also the peanut butters that were contaminated.  We had purchased peanut butter a few days earlier. 

I was happy and relieved that I had conducted my own investigation into the matter. Sometimes, I don’t watch the news because it’s so depressing. Also, they repeat the same news reports every hour. I mainly watch it to get the weather and traffic reports. In my opinion, some of those reporters act so robotic and programmed. They don’t show any emotion whatsoever. I like the ones that aren’t afraid to talk to us on the air.

So, I encourage you to do your homework when you hear reports such as this. We now live in a time that you can’t always believe everything that you hear on television or the radio. Check the facts! Continue reading “Nut Butter Recall: Do Your Own Investigation”

Ever wonder why peanut butter hardens at room temperature

My son loves peanut and almond butter.  I get it from Trader Joe’s.  If you never heard of Trader Joe’s, it’s an organic supermarket.  Very reasonable prices.  Anyway, if you read the ingredients on the organic butters, it’s the nut only. That’s the way it should be. If you read the label on other brands, you’ll see that it contains other ingredients, like hydrogenated oil.  That is actually a hidden trans fat. The label may say 0g, but it’s there.  Hydrogenated oil makes peanut butter harden so it can be stored at room temperature.  I keep organic nut butters in the refrigerator.  They liquify at room temperature.