The True Meaning of Halloween

As a kid, I thought that Halloween was a day set aside for us to have fun. A time that we can dress up as something or someone else, eat candy, and go to parties. Now that I’m older and know the origin of the day, it’s not something in which my family and I will participate in.

Do you ever wonder why you say “trick or treat!” when you visit a home on Halloween night? It relates to the rituals of the Druid Priests. They are evil people possessed by demons, and their sacrifical night is October 31, which is known as “All Hallows’ Eve”.  November 1 marks the Celtic new year or All Saints Day. The Druids believe that those sinful souls that had died that current year would be released from torment once Samhaim accepted their sacrifices.

Sure, kids have a blast now going door-to-door receiving “treats”. However, in Stonehenge, the Druids and their followers went from castle to castle demanding a treat, which would be either a princess or young woman.  She was brutally assaulted and sacrificed to Satan during a ceremony. The Druid music could always be heard in the background. This music can also be heard in some rock music today. The Druids would leave a lighted jack o’lantern in front of the castles that had given them a “treat” that pleased them. This protected those inside from being killed by demons that night. Have you ever wondered why you see carved pumpkins outside of people’s homes as you drive or walk by?

The “trick” was when you didn’t have a “sacrifice”. They would draw a hexagram (a six-pointed star) on the front door, allowing Satan or his demons to come in and kill those in the that home. Today, the “trick” would be a razor blade, drugs (i.e. marijuana), or some harmful object or poison placed inside the candy or “treat”.  Any child could potentially die.  Knowing this information, why would you want to celebrate Halloween, a celebration of evil?  Sure, there are so-called “alternatives” to Halloween, but why even do that?  What message are you sending?  I just wouldn’t celebrate it at all. Television and music influence our children in very subtle ways.  If you pay attention, you’ll notice a lot of symbolism in movies and music videos.  It is important to guard our children against things that could potentially harm them.  Always do your research.  It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube.

Fortunately, my son’s school is closed on Halloween.  Yesterday, I told his teacher that we do not celebrate Halloween nor did we send a costume to school with him. Fortunately, my son does not eat candy, anyway.   In class  today, they talked about pumpkins as fruit, which is fine. Their class went on a field trip to Clark’s Elioak Farm yesterday, and each child picked out their own pumpkin. My son is still too young to understand certain holidays, but when he gets older, we will explain the meaning behind each one.

10 Ways for Stay-at-home Moms to Relax and De-stress

It has its rewards; however, things can be overwhelming sometimes for a stay-at-home mom. Are you always doing things for others with little or no time left for yourself? Here are some ways to relax and de-stress:

  1. Tell others when you feel overwhelmed. They may not like what you have to say, but it is better to express how you feel. You don’t want to hold your feelings in and lash out at a later time. Calmly express your feelings. It’s always nice to HEAR that you’re appreciated for all that you do.
  2. Pamper yourself. Go get a massage, manicure, or pedicure. Go to the beauty salon. If you don’t want to go to the spa, there are things you can do at home. For instance, you can take a long bubble bath, light some scented candles, or give yourself a facial. When you look good, you feel good.
  3. Exercise.  Physical activity relieves stress and burns calories.
  4. Take time to see friends. I typically get together with friends at least once a month for dinner or other activity. It gives us a chance to talk and catch up.
  5. Accept those invites. If you get invited to a party or event, go if you don’t have other plans.  It’s a privilege to be included.
  6. Go shopping. This is always fun for those that enjoy it. Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and DSW Shoes always send me coupons.
  7. Have daily quiet time. I either do it first thing in the morning or in the evening. Sometimes I do it twice daily. This is the time that I use to brainstorm, pray, write in my journal, and do meditation.
  8. Have date nights. When you can get a babysitter, plan a night out for two. Dinner and a movie always work well. If you both enjoy sports, plan to go to a game.
  9. Plan a getaway. Sometimes you just need a change in scenery. If you’re fortunate enough to a vacation each year, do it. There are so many beautiful places to see, within the U.S. as well as internationally. Life is shorter than you think.
  10. Get a hobby. Find an activity that you’re passionate about. Your hobby could later become a source of income.

When your kids are in school, that gives you time to run errands and relax for a while. If your kids take naps, use that time to catch up on sleep. I rarely have the opportunity to sleep past 6:30am. I’m usually the first to get up most days. Even though I only have one child, he keeps me busy. I treasure our time together. He’s growing up.

How to Curb Your Obsessions



There may be something that you’re obsessed about, like food, a person, or a television show. We sometimes think that obsession is something that you see happening in the movies, but it is very much a reality. For me, I used to be addicted to watching soap operas. I remember my grandmother watching them when I was a kid. Many of them are off the air now, but there are a few that still air during the day like “The Young and the Restless” and the “The Bold and the Beautiful”. I stopped watching the latter a few years ago because the plot just got “old”…everybody sleeping around with the same people. I recently stopped watching “The Young and the Restless”. Since I started back working, I obviously couldn’t watch it during the day. With my unpredictable work schedule, I didn’t have to time to watch my DVR recordings. So, I erased all of them and just decided that I need to stop watching it period. People are still sleeping around, committing adultery, and taking bribes. These are not things that I need to poison my mind with. Temptations come around each day. Why add to it?

Too much television isn’t good for anybody. Specialists tell us not to let our 3-year old son watch television because he has a speech delay. He needs us to talk TO him. He needs to hear live speech. Every now and then I may watch movies, but for the most part, I spend my free time reading, journaling, blogging, and catching up on sleep. I also want to get back to racquetball since it does relieve stress.

Another obsession that I had was Candy Crush. Once you started playing and winning, it was hard to stop. The majority of us own tablets and smart phones with access to thousands of game apps. Or we play them on social media, which is also accessible on our mobile devices.

How do we curb our obsessions? If you have a job/career that keeps you busy, that definitely helps. When you’re not working, exercise, take walks, or play games or sports. If you enjoy reading, read an actual book. Reading on my IPad makes my eyes tired. I know that I’m old school, but I still read books…I even go to the library sometimes. It’s free…you can’t go wrong with a free book. (Just make sure that you bring it back by the due date).

My goal is to blog more. It is my passion. Any hobbies or passions that you have, I encourage you to pursue them. Take time to “cleanse” yourself. Rid yourself from the “poison” that television can produce. We want our kids to be their best. We should strive for that as well.

Be an Example of Dignity to Your Child By Paul Smith


Sometimes I wonder:  How can one abuse a child? Little creatures that came into this world to make you happy, bring you joy, and be the sense of your life. The greatest happiness is when that little angel winds his little hands around your neck and screams that he loves you.

What on earth can make you do any harm to this angel??? Why are some people so cruel to those whom they gave this life? Why are there so many cases of child abuse in families?

It is a known fact that all children absorb all of the information given to them just like a sponge. Parents’ attitude towards them and their behavior are marked in their sub consciousness. From an early age, children experience different punishments; even for the little prank, they are beaten or shouted at. Psychologists will say that this is wrong, as the physical punishment is much more hazardous than emotional effect.

My parents never beat me; my father has always been and still is an example of dignity for me. The worst punishment of his to me, even now, is when he elevates his voice on me. It doesn’t happen that often, but it means he is really angry with me; there has never been any physical violence from his side. What I want to say is that instead of giving a spank to your child every time he does something in the wrong way, you need to tell him why he is wrong; give him a reason that he should not act in such a way again. It will work, and in the eyes of your child, you will remain a strict, but a loving and caring parent.

20131128-150101.jpgChild abuse is fairly prevalent in dysfunctional families, where the violence against children is quite a common thing nowadays. Parents often use this kind of punishment, as they think that children should be absolutely obedient to them, and this is a great mistake from their side. Corporal punishment of children leads to degradation of a child’s individuality. A child can understand that the spanking is something that goes without saying, and he does not have a feeling of guilt. It prevents the development of his full awareness of himself as individuality. The corporal punishments go from generation to generation, and it cannot be excluded that the child will treat his own children in the same way that his parents treated him.  The child thinks that such a behavior is a right one and will take it for granted in the future.

Usually, child abuse takes place in families where parents just can’t bring their children up correctly.  It is absurd to me when I see a mother shouting at her young child just because he has soiled his clothes or made some disorder in the room. It is a child! What did you expect from him? That he would go and clean after himself and wash the clothes? I am getting furious when young moms are happy to have any opportunity to punish her child.

I hope that in the future we will have a better situation with all of the child abuse cases, as these little angels are not guilty that they were born. You wanted a child? Then, please, do your best to make his childhood the best one and treat him as the gift from God that he really is.

About the author: Paul Smith is a big family man. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and in his spare time he creates guest posts on various topics. Contact Paul at,

Be an Advocate for Your Children

Some of you may remember the blog post that I wrote in August entitled “How Someone Tried to Use My Son’s Disability to Get a Sale”. Well, this time, we had an issue with one of the technicians that works with my son during the week.  There are two technicians that work with my son a total of 2 hours per day Monday through Friday.  This particular tech was relatively new; she just started a month ago.  After 2 weeks, she failed to show up for two sessions in a row because she felt overwhelmed and very stressed.  (Yes, this is her reason for not showing up).  I wasn’t too concerned at that time because we were going on vacation for 5 days.

I can understand that when you’re in college, there are times that you may feel stressed with classes, a part-time job, and your personal life.  Still, you know what you sign up for when you accept a position…..especially one where you work with children with special needs.  The final straw was this past Friday when she failed to show up at her scheduled time.  I waited the standard 15 minutes before I called her…..I get her voice mail. After leaving a message, I called again after 15 more minutes… answer.  Next, I called her supervisor to let her that she failed to show up for the scheduled session.  Then, I get a text message from her claiming that she didn’t know about the session, which was later confirmed to be an untruth.  After having a more in-depth conversation with her supervisor, we both agreed that it was best to remove her from the rotation.  After all, she didn’t seem to be interested in the job.

I make sure that my son is the primarily focus of every teacher and health care provider when they come to our home. I stay informed, ask questions, and follow-up.  If my son’s needs are not the focus, then that’s a problem.  When you work with children, especially those with special needs, you should do it because you care about them.  Don’t just do it because it looks good on a résumé or a college transcript. Maybe she thought that we would sympathize with her situation.  Not when it comes to my kid.  Get it to together or move on.  There are plenty of serious-minded students that need jobs. Those are the ones that will be working with my son.

My Son the Picky Eater

I’m remembering that this time last year, my son did not like to eat table food and drank from a bottle.  Now, at 2 1/2, he drinks from a straw and eats much more of a variety of foods.  He eats green veggies, oatmeal, chicken, turkey, and fish to name a few.  And he loves water!  How is THAT for progress?!  He’s hesitant to try new foods.  If it looks different from what he’s used to seeing, he won’t eat it right away if at all.  (Smart kid!). If he doesn’t like something, he drops it on the floor for the dog, who gobbles it up.  He looks out for his buddy.

To give you some background information, my son was born premature at 26 weeks.  His occupational therapist is amazed and very pleased with his progress.  It’s really a blessing.  He’s our only child, but a very special one that always makes us proud parents.

Finding A Mate

A lot of single women ask me my opinion about finding a mate.  There are a lot of single women, whether divorced, separated, or never been married, that would like to have a great guy in their life.  The first thing that I tell them is to know what you want.  I made a list as a matter of fact when I was single.  I remember a godly man with intelligence and a sense of humor topped the list.  I must say that he exceeded my expectations.  Sure, no man is perfect, but neither are we. If you’re divorced, don’t blame yourself.  Learn and grow from the experience.

We can sometimes overlook a good man because we are so wrapped up in the physical.  No, I’m not saying that you should date a troll, but  give a guy a chance if he’s a little chubby or a little shorter than you.  Especially if you have a lot in common.  I’ve met many men that are sexy, but they are very flawed in other areas.  Sexy doesn’t pay the bills.  Sexy won’t matter if he’s cheating on you or taking his frustrations out on your face.  I tell women as long as you find him attractive, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.

It’s wonderful to have a man that is also your friend.  You can talk for hours when you’re together, no matter how deep the conversation.  You should have similar religious views, values, and the same attitude about family. If you want to have kids, you don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t want them.  Also, if your man wants you to be a stay-at-home mother, but you want to have a career, those are vast differences.  If you’re having major issues before you get married, they’re only going to get worse.  Also, you want a man to be supportive.  He shouldn’t bad-mouth you behind your back or embarrass you in public. You should be respectful of him as well.  Marriage is a team effort.

Lastly, when you finally meet that special man, make the marriage work.  Remember that you take vows before God.  When problems arise, communication is very important.  Don’t be selfish and beware of the many temptations that are out there.  (That’s another discussion).