How to Stay Active Without Going to the Gym

Most of us find ourselves in one of the following scenarios:

  1. You pay for a gym/club membership that you don’t use.
  2. You pay too much for a gym/club membership that isn’t worth it.
  3. The money that you invest in a gym/club membership is worth it, but you have a limited budget to work with.

At some point in my life, I have been in all of those scenarios. The first gym membership that I ever had was with Bally. (Their motto was Total Fitness if you recall). That was when I was first diagnosed with hypertension, and I wanted to start working out for better health. I didn’t have any issues with my weight, but I had a stressful job. I soon found something that was less stressful and paid more. Always a good thing!

I stayed with Bally until they changed over to LA Fitness. I thought that they all had gone out of business; however, there are still some in the New York-New Jersey area, Louisiana, Colorado, and California.

I had a couple of other memberships at other clubs that I was satisfied with, but as time went by, I became unmotivated or I spent so much time working. There wasn’t any point in paying for a membership that I didn’t use. Now that I have time to work out, I have a limited budget. I have to think of creative ways to get in shape. If you find yourself in this situation as well, here are some ideas:

  1. Walk.  Since the weather has been beautiful, I take 45-minute walks in the morning, about 3-4 times per week. If my family doesn’t join me, I use it as time to think. My neighbors are usually out walking as well or doing yard work. Sometimes, we go to the nearby park and walk on the trails there. If you have ankle weights or hand weights, you can add them in as you walk.
  2. Biking.  You can always explore the trails in your neighborhood if this is your thing.
  3. Check your cable listings. I don’t know about other cable providers, but Comcast Infinity On Demand has a Sports and Fitness section. You can choose anything from a 10-minute workout to cardio. It’s free and accessible in any room of your house.
  4. Purchase your own workout equipment. If you want to make the investment, you can purchase a treadmill, exercise bike, or whatever you prefer. The only downside is if you invest your money and don’t use it. Believe it or not, I know folks that have done this.
  5. Invest time in your favorite sports. If you enjoy basketball, put a hoop in your yard. We have friends with a Ping-Pong table in their basement. You get the idea.
  6. Check your neighborhood for free activities. Your local recreation center may offer free Zumba or line dancing classes. It’s all about what you enjoy.

Well, these are some ideas. When I was working with a personal trainer, she told me that in order to see results, I needed to work out three times a week. In a perfect world, this is possible. As always, a sensible diet is important. I wish you the best in your fitness goals.