An Alkaline Body pH can prevent a Host of Diseases

From General Chemistry, you learn about pH and its scale. All acidic substances have a pH ranging from 0-6; alkaline or basic substances have a pH ranging from 8-14. Neutral pH is 7, which is that of water. Your blood pH is typically ranges from 7.3 to 7.4.

For those of you that aren’t a science geek like me, you just need to know that body pH affects your overall health. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Peace prize for his cancer research.   Normal cells take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. According to Warburg’s research, cancer cells ferment sugar instead, which makes an acidic environment. If you can avoid or at least reduce certain foods, beverages, or other toxic behaviors that cause an acidic pH, you can reduce your risk for cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses. Here is a list of things to try:

  1. Keep alcohol to a minimum. Alcohol is toxic to your liver in large amounts in addition to being addictive. However, drinking red wine does have benefits. In some cultures, they drink wine with every meal. For instance, in the early 1990s, French researchers reported the “French paradox”; the French eat a diet high in saturated fat yet have a very low incidence of cardiovascular disease (National Geographic). Drinking one or two glasses of red wine per day can reduce the risk of heart disease. Remember, everything in moderation.
  2. Stop drinking soda. I’ve stressed this in the majority of my posts. One of the ingredients listed for soda is phosphoric acid, obviously a culprit. See my post on Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda-Regular and Diet.
  3. Watch stress levels. Stress creates negative energy; therefore, your body is going to reactive negatively.
  4. Eat leafy, green vegetables, cooked and raw. Green vegetables are a good source of fiber and help eliminate carcinogens from our body. Eating one or two large salads most days can help the body heal itself. When you get bored with salad, try adding pomegranate seeds or red peppers (sweet or roasted) to them. Pomegranate seeds are very tasty and contain antioxidants that can help lower blood pressure.
  5. Watch caffeine levels. I’ve already discussed soda. I’ll admit that I love coffee, but I only drink one cup a day if at all. Too much caffeine can make you irritable and jumpy.
  6. Drink green tea. Green tea contains antioxidants and helps with weight loss. It is very soothing and calms you when you drink it hot. Choose a brand that you like. You can never go wrong with organic.
  7. Stop smoking. This is a given. I haven’t heard any benefits coming out of it.
  8. Avoid high fructose corn syrup. This is found in almost everything from ketchup, soda, BBQ sauce, and the like. Be sure to read food labels. This is designed for us to become fat and addicted to certain types of food.
  9. Reduce your consumption of processed and fast foods. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t see long lines at the McDonald’s drive-thru like in the past. In a world of busyness, these are the things that we run to because it’s quick. A cheeseburger and fries is delicious when you cook it yourself or from a trusted restaurant. You know that the meat is hormone-free.
  10. Stay hydrated. Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to prevent dehydration, for clear skin, and to keep bowel functions regular. I prefer spring or filtered water. Tap water contains chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, which you don’t want to drink.

Trying a few if not all of these suggestions should make a difference in your overall health. I lost 25 lbs. over time. When I learn techniques that work, I share that information with others.

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Reasons To Stop Drinking Soda-Regular and Diet

As a kid, I loved soda…black cherry, orange, Dr. Pepper…Pepsi.  Even up until four years ago, I still loved soda. Then, I did my research.  I worked in laboratories for 9 years-it’s automatic. The next time you pick up a soda, think about these things.

1.    Soda is high in sugar.  We always watch how much sugar we let our kids have.  We should do the same as adults for ourselves.

2.    High fructose corn syrup.  We find this in many other foods.  It can make certain foods highly addictive and lead to obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. Has anyone ever told you that it’s hard for him or her to stop drinking soda? Do you find it difficult to stop drinking soda?

regular soda
regular soda


diet soda
diet soda

 3.    Diet soda contains aspartame.  Some people may think that drinking diet soda will be better than drinking the regular stuff.  No. Not at all.  (By the way, eating a bunch of fast food and washing it down with diet soda isn’t doing you any good).  Diet soda actually increases craving for carbohydrates and sweets.  Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that can produce methanol as a bi-product. Methanol is found in anti-freeze.

 4.    People use cola as a cleaning product.    Cola cleans stains in a toilet bowl and brings the shine back to a penny.  In addition, both regular and diet soda contain phosphoric acid, a strong acid that is commonly used to remove rust.  Now, if cola cleans all of these things, what happens in your body?

 5.    New study shows that caramel color may pose a health risk.  Brown soft drinks typically contain caramel color.  According to Consumer Reports, this artificial coloring contains 4-Mel (4-methylimidazole), a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). Certain brands of soft drinks contain varying levels of it according to Consumer Reports’ experts.

 6.    Less cans and bottles.  Most of us saw the commercial with Scarlett Johansson promoting “sodastream”.  This system allows you to make your own soda with less sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, and of course, your own glass.  In this case, your recycle bin won’t be overflowing with soda cans and bottles.

Well, I hope that I at least gave you something to think about. I know that it’s not easy to give up something that you really love.  Always be sure to check the product label for its ingredients. When I was in high school, a friend at that time would always ask me why I always read the ingredients? The answer is simple:  I want to know what’s in my food and drink.  Wouldn’t you?

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