Yoga and Meditation: Exercise or a Gateway to the Spirit World?

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Many people see yoga as a way to relax or as a form of exercise; they may take a class or do it solo in the mountains.  They can practice yoga in their home watching a video.  If you enjoy cardiovascular workouts, exercises that allow you to lose body fat, yoga is not for you. Yoga has become increasing popular in the past 5 years.  Many gyms have an entire studio devoted to yoga.  There are some fantastic photos on Instagram of various yoga poses.   In addition to yoga, meditation is also a way that people relieve stress. But what purpose does yoga and meditation really serve?

The goddess pose in yoga or utkata konosana from the Sanskrit, meaning “wild, frightening, above the usual, intense, gigantic, furious, or heavy” and “posture” or “seat”. There are other poses such as the sun salutation and moon salutation.  Sun salutations are said to allow for the opportunity to “give gratitude to the sun for its life giving light”.  Sun worship goes back to ancient Babylon with Nimrod and the construction of the Tower of Babel. The idea was to set up false religions in which people would worship on “Sun-day” or sun worship.  Many people believe that the sabbath day is Sunday, but it is the seventh day of the week, which is Saturday.

‘The Kundalini spirit is part of yoga; however, many participants do not realize it.  The illusion is that it can offer peace, healing, visions, and dreams.  It is a spirit, indeed, but is it a demonic one.  It is a supernatural force that can overtake you.  Many eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, practice yoga and meditation.  In Hinduism, they worship many gods, teaching about a higher level of consciousness and your third eye.  The third eye is the gate to your higher power.

Many New Age religions such as these teach that you can become a god or be godlike.  However, many people that are part of Christianity practice yoga.  Does that mean that they have a kundalini spirit?  Yoga, in fact, does not mesh with the Most High God.   Demonic spirtuality is not the same as the Holy Spirit.  When you practice yoga, you’re allowing evil spirits or demons to take over your body. You’re also inviting them into your home and every aspect of your life.  When you mediate or channel energy, you do it in order to gain something, like power.  Demons can use this energy to travel from person to person, place to place, or even into objects. When you’re performing certain yoga poses, you are aligning yourself with certain deities. This will become very dangerous in the long run.

In conclusion, yoga is a New Age deception.  One believes that they are gaining peace and healing when in reality, they are channeling dark forces.  If you’re looking for healing, there are other alternatives such as herbal remedies.  Before you sign up for a yoga class please consider the after effects.

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Is Planned Parenthood a Form of Eugenics to Exterminate African Americans?

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Abortions are the number one killer of African-Americans. Many young Black teens resort to abortions because the pregnancy is unplanned, and they are not mature enough to care for a child. Others are in fear of their parents and may have abortions without their parents’ knowledge. Many young Black women who are unmarried are generally not financially prepared; the biological father is typically absent from their child’s life. Patients between the ages of 20 and 24 obtained 34 percent of all abortions. Women ages 25 to 29 obtained 27 percent.

In 2014, whites accounted for 39 percent of abortion procedures while blacks accounted for 28 percent of them in the U.S.   In 2016, white mothers accounted for 37 percent of abortions while being 77 percent of the U.S. population. By contrast, black women only comprise 6 percent of the U.S. population, but they account for 35 percent of abortions, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC). About 1.3 percent of these reported abortions had a gestation period beyond 20 weeks. What is the reason for this?

On October 26, 1916, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, opens the first birth control clinic in the poverty-stricken section of Brownsville in Brooklyn, NY. The notion was to help control the problem of over breeding. Sanger’s childhood is said to have been unhappy. Her father was an unstable alcoholic with radical political views.   Sanger was a poor student and did not take working seriously. It is believed that her short, unhappy career in teaching children of immigrants led to her embracing eugenics.   She became passionate about “Marxism, anarchism, free love, secular humanism, and Darwinism”.

On May 2, 1927, the United States Supreme Court case, Buck vs. Bell, gave states the right to forced sterilizations for those that they deemed genetically unfit. Elaine Riddick was a victim of this type of eugenics. At the age of 14, she was raped by a man in her neighborhood and became pregnant. Upon giving birth to her son in 1968 in North Carolina, a doctor cut her Fallopian tubes. Because her grandmother was illiterate, she unknowingly consented to the procedure. Forty-four year later, the state of North Carolina wanted to compensate Riddick and other victims $50,000 in damages. That angered her even more.

In 1939, Margaret Sanger began to discourage the population growth of African-Americans, particularly those that are poor. In short, to discourage “the defective and diseased elements of humanity” from their “reckless and irresponsible swarming and spawning”. Sanger knew that so-called African Americans primarily were a religious group of people. She used this and prominent African Americans to help her cause.

How did she put this plan into action? She wrote a letter to Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, a prominent sociologist and author. Sanger’s “claim” was that birth control was the solution to prejudice and discrimination in the Black community. If births were more spaced out, families could recover financially and physically. (The mother’s body needs to heal from childbirth and each child is expensive to care for). Diseases would decrease, and healthier babies would result.

Opponents of this believed that abortion was immoral and the population needed to increase for an equal distribution of wealth. However, more people believed Sanger’s deception that birth control would improve conditions in the black community. Black churches even invited her to speak to their congregations! It wasn’t because they were gullible; Sanger was very crafty at hiding her true agenda. Sanger also wrote about her meeting with the women of the Ku Klux Klan in her autobiography.

In spite of this, Planned Parenthood still honors Margaret Sanger to this day. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former senator, first-lady, presidential candidate, and recipient of the Margaret Sanger award in 2009, expresses her great admiration for her and her vision. In 2014, former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, accepted that award with the same gratitude.

The rabbit hole goes deeper. Planned Parenthood harvests baby parts and sells them to human organ buyers. PepsiCo is said to have used aborted fetal cells in its products. Kraft, Nestle, and other companies are using aborted baby fetuses as flavor additives. African-Americans are very valuable in this way. You can decrease the population and make money from our body parts. In addition, there is DNA in those aborted fetuses. Scientists can use that information to create new diseases to exterminate African Americans. There is a claim that scientists created Ebola for this purpose.

In spite of the attempts made to exterminate so-called African-Americans, we are still here. On a personal note, I haven’t experienced an abortion, but I have experienced the loss of a child.  Many of us have awakened to our true heritage (Deut. 28:15-68), and we understand the importance of family and following the Most High.  Before Margaret Sanger, there weren’t abortions. We weren’t sterilized on the assumption that we were genetically unfit for reproduction. A woman gave birth as long as her body produced eggs. Whether we have been blessed with many children or only one, we need to cherish them.  Shalom!



The Truth About Good Friday

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When I attended the Christian Church, I would opt to take Good Friday off from work (if I was employed at the time).  We were taught that Christ died on Friday, and that we celebrated His Resurrection on Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday.  Good Friday services typically consisted of various preachers that were given 10 minutes to basically “outpreach” one another for “The 7 Last Words of Christ” service.   Most of the time, we would end up leaving early.

Even then, I wondered what did eggs and bunnies have to do with Christ? Why is Christianity always mixed with a hint of paganism?  I even wrote a blog post about it.  I know now that it is much deeper than that.  Good Friday is part of the deception.

Good Friday is marked on the Gregorian calendar on Friday, March 30.  The Jewish Passover starts on the evening of Friday, March 30 and ends on Saturday, April 7.  Easter is on Sunday, April 1, which is also April Fools’ Day.  The fool doesn’t believe in any Power (Psalm 14:1).  Is it a coincidence that these two events are on the same day?  Each year, Good Friday and Easter fall on different days. Sometimes it’s in March, and other years it’s in April.

The Hebrew calendar is set up according to the Most High’s time.  The new  year started on March 10th at sunset, not on January 1st at 12 midnight.  The Zondervan compact  Bible dictionary defines Nisan as the first month of the year from March-April.  When the Most High began creation, He separated the day from the night. “And the evening and the morning were the first day” (Gen. 1:5).  In actuality , a new day begins at sunset. Fourteen days after the new year is Passover (Lev. 23:5), which started on the evening of March 23 and ended the evening of March 24.  We then began the Feast of Unleavened Bread.    This feast will end Friday evening at sunset.  It is the same time each year.  Why does the Jewish Passover fall on a different day?  Because they follow the moon, which is 10 days off from the sun’s cycle.

To understand  the significance of Passover, we’ll have to start with Moses. The Most High chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 3:7-21).  During this time, the Egyptians fell under many plagues since Pharoah, with his hardened heart, would not let the chosen people go.  Passover originated here.  On the 10th day of the first month, which is Nisan, each household of Israel was instructed to get a healthy, male lamb.  On the 14th day in the evening, which is the start of Passover, they were told to kill the lamb and spread the blood on the door (Exodus 12:3-7).

They were to roast the lamb and eat all of it with bitter herbs and unleavened bread.  The bitter herbs represented our bondage.  That night, the Most High killed all of the firstborn Egyptian males. The angel of death passed over the Israelite households in which blood had been placed on the door and its posts  (Exodus 12:3-32) After this plague, Pharoah released the Israelites in fear of their own lives (Exodus 12:33).  They left in such a haste that they did not have time to put leavening in the bread.  We celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread right after Passover on the 15th day of Nisan for 7 days.

As it relates to Christ, he was our Passover Lamb.  He loved us that much. Christ came to save the lost.  He prepared by having his Last Supper and first communion with the disciples a day earlier.  Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ for 30 pieces of silver.  Christ died on a Sabbath (Saturday) in the evening the same hour the lambs were sacrificed in the days of Moses.

So, where does Good Friday come from? What is the purpose? Even if a Christian were to say that Christ died on Friday evening and rose on Easter Sunday, you don’t get three days.  Easter has pagan origins, and it has nothing to do with Christ.  Good Friday only adds to the deception.  Another deception about Christ is his appearance. We often see this image of him on the cross. However, the scriptures describe Christ as having hair like wool and feet the color of burnt brass.  He is also from the tribe of Judah.  What group of people are known for having dark skin and wooly hair?  I’ll let you think about it.

I referenced many scriptures so that you can have an understanding.  As I always tell you, please do your own research on these holidays.  We get caught up on tradition, feelings, and doing what WE want that we don’t realize when we’re under a strong delusion. Shalom!


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10 Benefits of Dandelion: Is it a Weed or an Herb?

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Every spring, we see dandelions growing in our yards and in the fields.  Many of us treat our yards with weed killer to get rid of them. If you learned that dandelions have health benefits, would you see reconsider killing them?

I was shopping at my local Wegman’s, and I bought some dandelion greens.  I buy them by the bunch.  When I got to the checkout line, the cashier asked me what I used it for.  It’s not a popular item,  like kale or spinach.  After telling her that I use it when I juice, she understood.   She mentioned that customers use it to make smoothies or even for their pets. (Keep reading to find out how).

There are many benefits of dandelion; you can use the root, the flower, or the greens. As I mentioned, I juice the greens along with pineapple, green apple, and flax seed meal. You can also drink  dandelion tea, cold or hot.

  1. Weight loss.  Dandelion is a diuretic, which means that it rids the body of excess water which helps with weight loss.
  2. Inflammation. Dandelion greens treat muscle aches and joint pain.
  3. Relieves constipation and increases bowel movements. Because I use it as part of my juicing regimen, it keeps me “regular”.
  4. Diabetes. Dandelion fights both Type I and Type II diabetes by removing excess sugar from the body.
  5. Reduces high cholesterol. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes are typically diagnosed together.
  6. High blood pressure.  Since dandelion works as a diuretic, it can help lower blood pressure without the unwanted side effects of a prescription drug.
  7. Cancer fighter.  Boil the dried yellow flowers in water and drink the liquid.  Dandelion purifies the blood and detoxes the liver.   Many of those cancer drugs, in addition to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can be extremely toxic to the body. (Why do most cancer patients lose their hair?).   Dandelions are high in vitamin K.   It’s been proven to work for “drug- resistant forms of cancer”. 
  8. Kidney failure.  Dandelion root strengthens the kidneys.
  9. Eye and skin health.  Dandelion greens contain over 100 percent of vitamin A to improve vision and fight skin infections.
  10. Chronic indigestion and excess gas.  Dandelion works great for dogs that suffer from digestion issues.

Remember, as we approach Spring, please pick the dandelions in your yard or wherever you can find them.  Our Power put herbs on the earth to heal us (Jubilees 10:12).  Shalom!

Thanksgiving: A Time for Family or a Tradition of Men?

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I have many fond memories of Thanksgiving both as a child and an adult.  In school, they taught us that it was a day that the Indians and the Pilgrims ate together for the first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621.  It was a time for family, football, delicious food, and days off from work and school.  I would look forward to turkey, stuffing, candied yams, cranberry sauce, greens, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, and some type of cake.  All of the smells filling up the house …

This was all good until I learned the true meaning of Thanksgiving. I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving in 5 years. It was a day of genocide for the North American Indians.  They are actually Hebrew Israelites from the tribe of Gad that wore traditional Hebrew Israelite clothing with fringes (Num. 15:38-40).  The celebration was the killing of them.  “Many celebrated by kicking several heads…through the streets like soccer balls”.

You may be wondering the reason that this happened.  Well, the treatment of the Gad tribe goes back to curses that are mentioned in the Bible.  Because the Hebrew Israelites did not follow the laws, statues, and commmandments of the Most High God, they were subject to certain curses (Deut. 28:15-68).  These curses are still continuing today.

One can say that the day is about family, but you can celebrate family ANY and EVERYDAY  of the year.  In Christianity, they teach that it’s okay to celebrate these pagan holidays; however, if you read your Bible, you’ll know that the Most High God HATES those feast days (Amos 5:21-22).  He gave us Feast days to celebrate (Lev. 23). We, as a people, get so caught up in tradition (Col. 2:8).  We continue these traditions because they were taught to us, even if it’s wrong. Some of us will spend TOO MUCH money in preparation for this one day.  Businesses have to make their money, too. Another argument is that you can feed those that are less fortunate. Again, the homeless need our help throughout the year.

Even if you don’t want to look at the spiritual aspect of this, genocide of a people or turkeys is nothing to celebrate.  Yes, turkeys undergo harsh treatment at slaughterhouses.  I am acquainted with vegans and vegetarians that are not into Thanksgiving from a “food”point of view.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving is pagan, regardless of the feel-good activities that come with it.  Please feel free to check out The Pagan Book of Days as a guide to festivals and traditions occurring throughout the year.

Why You Should Celebrate Resurrection Sunday and NOT Easter

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IMG_0066Each year, either in late March or early April, many of us celebrate what we call “Easter”. This is a time when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Mark 15:16-39). The time when He came down to die for our sins and save us so that we may have eternal life. On one hand, we attend a Good Friday service or a Seven Last Words service. On Sunday, we attend sunrise service or a church service. (For some of us, it’s the only time during the year that we attend church). Our children dye Easter eggs and participate in Easter egg hunts over the weekend. Have you ever asked yourself what Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, and the Easter bunny have to do with Jesus or His Resurrection? Absolutely nothing! As with the majority of these holidays, Easter has pagan roots that are again being mixed with Christian principles. See my post on “Valentine’s Day: Is it More Than Chocolates and Flowers?”

“Easter” is derived from Eastre, the Teutonic goddess of spring. However, we can trace its origin back to Biblical times shortly after the flood. Nimrod, Noah’s grandson, was a powerful ruler that founded many cities such as Babylon (Genesis 10:10-12). He and his wife, Queen Semiramis, started many occult, satanic religions involving sun worship. He also was responsible for building the Tower of Babel; they were trying to reach heaven so that they could be high as God (Chick Publications). The Lord confused the languages and the tower was never completed (Genesis 11:7). Nimrod was eventually killed by his great-uncle, Shem; he chopped him into many pieces. The pieces of his body parts were sent to various parts of the kingdom. Semiramis was able to gather all of the parts except for his penis. She believed that he could not be brought back to life without it. Today, the “obelisk”, such as the Washington Monument, symbolizes Nimrod’s male organ to represent life through sex (Chick Publications).IMG_0069

Semiramis was also known as “Ishtar”, which was pronounced “Easter”. Ishtar is the goddess of fertility and the moon. She claimed that she came down from the moon in a giant moon egg that fell into the Euphrates River. Now, we can put together the association with Easter eggs-Ishtar or “Easter” and her moon egg.   This happened around the first full moon after the spring equinox; this occurs around March 21. Ishtar had an illegitimate son that she claimed was Nimrod being reborn as Tammuz (Genesis 3:15). She deified him as the sun god, Baal, which is also a representation of the obelisk (Chick Publications). She later married him. Her son-turned-husband was very fond of rabbits. This is where the tradition of the  Easter Bunny comes from. It is a pagan idol that is a sexual symbol for fertility. Tammuz was eventually killed by a wild boar. Queen Semiramis proclaimed a forty-day period of mourning in honor of Tammuz. During this time, they didn’t eat meat. They ate sacred hot crossed buns. When they worshipped Ishtar, they made a “T” sign in front of their hearts. On Easter Sunday, it was a celebration with rabbits and eggs. They rolled colored eggs and then hid them from “evil spirits” in rabbits’ nests to symbolize fertility.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now, let’s do the comparison. Roman Catholics called this forty-day period Lent. Today, Lent is a time of fasting and renewal for some before celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. However, we again see a pagan celebration being associated with Christianity. We also see churches having Easter egg hunts for the children and kids dying eggs. There is also the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. Now, think about this. Catholics started Lent long before Christianity. Rabbits and eggs are both part of a pagan celebration to honor a sun god and a moon goddess. Why would a Christian want to take part in any of this? Oftentimes, we do things because of tradition, but we never think about the origins of them. This year, let’s celebrate Resurrection Sunday, NOT EASTER, in honor of our risen Savior who saved us from our sins and gave us the gift of eternal life.  He was the ultimate sacrifice(I John 3:16). Read more “Why You Should Celebrate Resurrection Sunday and NOT Easter”

Valentine’s Day: Is it More Than Chocolates and Flowers?

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imageI remember in elementary school, we always exchanged “valentines” with our classmates. In high school, you were hoping for that red, pink, or white carnation from a special someone or just a friend. Today, as Valentine’s Day approaches, people generally fall into one of these categories:

  1. They have a special someone and have made plans to celebrate. They look forward to receiving (and giving) cards, candy, flowers, and other gifts. They make reservations at their favorite restaurant. Some may even decide to get married or engaged on this day.
  2. Those people that don’t have a special someone. They get depressed because they somehow feel left out of this tradition.
  3. Those that have significant others and don’t have any interest in celebrating Valentine’s Day for whatever reason.

Whatever category you fall into, my reason for not celebrating Valentine’s Day anymore is the same reason that I don’t celebrate Halloween; both holidays have pagan roots. Refer to my post The True Meaning of Halloween. Also, when I researched this holiday, I discovered some facts that I would like to share with you.

The Bible mentions a man named Nimrod that was known as a “mighty hunter“. He was Noah’s great-grandson. Noah, of course, built the ark. He had three sons-Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Ham had a son named Cush, who was Nimrod’s father. After the flood, Noah became a farmer and planted a vineyard. One day, he became drunk from the wine, and his son, Ham found him naked in his tent. When Noah awakened, he knew that Ham had shamed him, so he cursed his offspring.

His grandson, Nimrod, definitely didn’t disappoint in that regard. He built the city of Babylon and became its ruler. He along with others attempted to build a tower to reach heaven. At that time, everyone spoke one language. God “confused their language” so that the Tower of Babel would not be built. The intention was not to give God glory, but to reach heaven to be as high as God (Chick Publications).

In addition to that, Nimrod was a high priest in a satanic occult. His wife was Queen Semiramis. Together, they were able to control the people through the occult and a counterfeit, satanic religion. A common religious practice was sacrificing babies. Shem, his great-uncle, was so outraged that he killed Nimrod and cut him into pieces (Chick Publications). Now that he was dead, Semiramis deified him as a sun god. Sun worship was predominant during that time. She even went as far as having an illegitimate son and naming him Tammuz. Semiramis believed that this baby was Nimrod reincarnated. He was also called Cupid, which we associate with Valentine’s Day. Cupid is typically depicted as a chubby kid in underwear that shoots arrows at unsuspecting people to make them fall in love. It also goes back to Nimrod being a “mighty hunter” with his bow and arrow.

Queen Semiramis was so evil and sick that she lusted after her own son and soon married him. Many women desired this Cupid, which provoked jealousy. So Cupid can make people fall in love as well as arouse jealousy. Tammuz is also called Baal; Baal worship was very common and mentioned throughout the Bible. The Babylonian word for heart was “Bal”. Tammuz is often depicted holding a heart shaped fruit in his hand. He became known as the “god of the heart” (Babylon Forsaken Ministries). We see hearts everywhere around Valentine’s Day-heart-shaped candy, cookies, cards, etc.

Knowing these facts, I do not have a desire to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some may say that you’re showing love on this day. What about the other 364 days? I have been married for more than 8 years, and I don’t need one day out of the year to say “I love you” or wait to receive a gift. We should show love to one another everyday. Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate and honor these holidays because it’s how we were taught; we accept it because it’s a tradition. With many of these holidays, Christian principles are blended with pagan ideologies.  Many churches are promoting Valentine’s Day. Secular views are brought into the church and mixed with biblical principles. I’m not saying that it’s every church or not to go to church at all-just be aware that it happens. We need to discern from what is right and what is wrong.  Now that my eyes have been opened, I’m learning that you have to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, so to speak. What’s going on behind the scenes?  Sometimes, we have to look beyond what we’re told. Oftentimes, people only get a small piece of the story and leave out the important facts.  I always tell my readers to do their own research and form their own opinion. If somebody told you that we’re living on Saturn and not Earth, you wouldn’t believe them, right? Now is the time to examine yourselves and pay attention to your surroundings.  What do you believe?

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The True Meaning of Halloween

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As a kid, I thought that Halloween was a day set aside for us to have fun. A time that we can dress up as something or someone else, eat candy, and go to parties. Now that I’m older and know the origin of the day, it’s not something in which my family and I will participate in.

Do you ever wonder why you say “trick or treat!” when you visit a home on Halloween night? It relates to the rituals of the Druid Priests. They are evil people possessed by demons, and their sacrifical night is October 31, which is known as “All Hallows’ Eve”.  November 1 marks the Celtic new year or All Saints Day. The Druids believe that those sinful souls that had died that current year would be released from torment once Samhaim accepted their sacrifices.

Sure, kids have a blast now going door-to-door receiving “treats”. However, in Stonehenge, the Druids and their followers went from castle to castle demanding a treat, which would be either a princess or young woman.  She was brutally assaulted and sacrificed to Satan during a ceremony. The Druid music could always be heard in the background. This music can also be heard in some rock music today. The Druids would leave a lighted jack o’lantern in front of the castles that had given them a “treat” that pleased them. This protected those inside from being killed by demons that night. Have you ever wondered why you see carved pumpkins outside of people’s homes as you drive or walk by?

The “trick” was when you didn’t have a “sacrifice”. They would draw a hexagram (a six-pointed star) on the front door, allowing Satan or his demons to come in and kill those in the that home. Today, the “trick” would be a razor blade, drugs (i.e. marijuana), or some harmful object or poison placed inside the candy or “treat”.  Any child could potentially die.  Knowing this information, why would you want to celebrate Halloween, a celebration of evil?  Sure, there are so-called “alternatives” to Halloween, but why even do that?  What message are you sending?  I just wouldn’t celebrate it at all. Television and music influence our children in very subtle ways.  If you pay attention, you’ll notice a lot of symbolism in movies and music videos.  It is important to guard our children against things that could potentially harm them.  Always do your research.  It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube.

Fortunately, my son’s school is closed on Halloween.  Yesterday, I told his teacher that we do not celebrate Halloween nor did we send a costume to school with him. Fortunately, my son does not eat candy, anyway.   In class  today, they talked about pumpkins as fruit, which is fine. Their class went on a field trip to Clark’s Elioak Farm yesterday, and each child picked out their own pumpkin. My son is still too young to understand certain holidays, but when he gets older, we will explain the meaning behind each one.