Why You Should Celebrate Resurrection Sunday and NOT Easter

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Have Faith and Live Well

IMG_0066Each year, either in late March or early April, many of us celebrate what we call “Easter”. This is a time when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Mark 15:16-39). The time when He came down to die for our sins and save us so that we may have eternal life. On one hand, we attend a Good Friday service or a Seven Last Words service. On Sunday, we attend sunrise service or a church service. (For some of us, it’s the only time during the year that we attend church). Our children dye Easter eggs and participate in Easter egg hunts over the weekend. Have you ever asked yourself what Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, and the Easter bunny have to do with Jesus or His Resurrection? Absolutely nothing! As with the majority of these holidays, Easter has pagan roots that are again being mixed with…

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