What is Carbohydrate?

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Steven L Tran Fitness

What is carbohydrate.

Like proteins and fats, carbohydrate, or carbs, is an energy providing macronutrient. In fact, carbohydrates, in the form of glucose, is your body’s first choice of energy production. Through a tricky but quick process known as glycolysis, your body metabolizes glucose into pyruvate. During this process,  2 units of the body’s energy providing molecules known as ATP is generated. During physical activity, your body repeatedly goes through this process up until 45 seconds to 3 minutes where the glycolytic pathway begins to fatigue. From then on, you will either need to rest or your body will tap into other fuel sources.

carbprocess.jpg Your body uses glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis to produce glucose (carbs) when body levels are low.

All carbs are eventually metabolized into the simple sugar glucose, with the exception  of dietary fiber since the body isn’t able to break it down. Excess glucose in the…

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