Valentine’s Day: Is it More Than Chocolates and Flowers?

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Celebrate love everyday, not just once a year.

Have Faith and Live Well

imageI remember in elementary school, we always exchanged “valentines” with our classmates. In high school, you were hoping for that red, pink, or white carnation from a special someone or just a friend. Today, as Valentine’s Day approaches, people generally fall into one of these categories:

  1. They have a special someone and have made plans to celebrate. They look forward to receiving (and giving) cards, candy, flowers, and other gifts. They make reservations at their favorite restaurant. Some may even decide to get married or engaged on this day.
  2. Those people that don’t have a special someone. They get depressed because they somehow feel left out of this tradition.
  3. Those that have significant others and don’t have any interest in celebrating Valentine’s Day for whatever reason.

Whatever category you fall into, my reason for not celebrating Valentine’s Day anymore is the same reason that I don’t celebrate Halloween; both holidays…

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