Turn Fat into Lean Body Mass

I am happy to report that I didn’t overeat this Thanksgiving.  I had one plate, and I did not go back for seconds.

I met with my dietician again this past Monday.  My weight is still the same at 146 pounds, but my percent body fat has dropped from 33.1% to 32.0%.  My lean body mass has increased from 98.21 to 100.16.  My clothes fit differently.  This is very good; however, I need to increase my activity and add whey protein with carb meals to balance.  Breakfast is my only struggle since oatmeal is always my first choice, but I don’t have an equal balance of protein if I eat it by itself.  Starting this past week, I drank a protein shake with my oatmeal to balance.

My snacks are healthy overall, but sometimes I would skip snacking during the day if I’m busy with work. Since I work in the lab 90% of the time, it’s difficult to have a snack.  The vending machine doesn’t offer many healthy choices, so I bring my own snacks to work. When I take a bathroom break, I also take a snack break.

As far as increasing my activity, I will start working out 3 times per week. I meet  with my trainer twice weekly; on my third visit, I can do cardio. When I work with my trainer, the focus is primarily weights.  I am getting better at lunges, by the way.    I was also able to do 100 crunches!  That is definitely the most I’ve ever done in one workout. The more you practice, the better one becomes.  Of course, monitoring my eating is always important.  I will see if the pounds come off this time. I will still work to turn fat pounds into lean muscle.IMG_0082


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