Book Review- The Secret Ingredient


On the plane ride to and from Puerto Rico and under the dryer at the hair salon, I had a chance to read The Secret Ingredient. (With a very active 4 ½ year-old son, my reading time is very limited). This book had many wild moments. It’s the second book I’ve read by Jane Heller. It was definitely a good read. The main character, Elizabeth, feels that all of the passion has gone out of her marriage. Her, husband, Roger, is distant and not attentive to her like he was in the beginning of their marriage. Desperate, Elizabeth “enhances” him, but the results are not what she wants, which lead to more desperate acts.

As a married woman, I can relate; however, reading this book has taught me to appreciate what I have. Many women (and men also) don’t realize that when you marry someone, change is inevitable, whether physical, personality, wants, needs, or goals. We may gain a little weight, or our hair may turn gray. If you married your spouse based on good looks alone, what’s going to happen when those looks fade?

At times, you may get “bored” in your marriage, but you have to ask yourself do you really want things to be more exciting? Do you want to wonder what your spouse is doing when he’s or she is not with you and who with? If I had to choose, a simple, drama-free life is the better option. Besides, there are things that you can do to keep things interesting, like taking vacations or weekend getaways, date nights, dinner with friends, etc. Just talking sometimes is very good for both of you.

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