Simple tips for a model: How to stay in shape

modelModeling is one of the best-paid jobs of our time, and some might think that it is easy to be a model. What could be difficult about cat walking, posting in front of the camera with a smile on one`s face, or serious expression? But there are things about this profession which are noteworthy.

Not every single girl or a guy can become a model. One should look accordingly. Skin, hair, nails, and weight need to be good, and to look good, one should eat well and take care of oneself. Speaking of body weight, it is essential because girls get sick running after looking skinny and even die.

To avoid such problems in your life, make sure you eat healthy food and do physical exercises regularly. There is no need to skip meals to look skinny. Just pay attention to what you eat, when, and how often. Your body needs calories, too, so you could stand a day running from one casting to another.

Breakfast is the most important because without it, you will feel weak. Besides, thinking about food all the time is not an option. Having cereal, yogurt, or both would be a good idea. You will have energy for the first part of the day.

As for lunch, it might be some nuts or a fruit. Then, a broth works for dinner. It is highly important to have a broth or some soup regularly; otherwise, you risk suffering from gastritis. For supper, you could have some salad with a piece of meat or fish, or have a side dish with a salad.

Drink a lot of water during the day. It is important to have about 2 liters of water a day (coffee, tea, juice are not included). It has to be plain water and not sparkling water. This along with sweets are empty calories. Empty calories mean that what you get is fat only while cereal, broth, vegetables, fruits and meat fulfill your body with vitamins and energy.

Try to avoid bread, pasta, and cakes. If you do have some, do not forget about physical activity afterwards. It can be jogging, swimming, a dance class, or other type of fitness, even a walk for an hour and a half or two. Yes, walking is highly important. Keep in mind that it is recommended to walk two hours a day every day. Especially for someone who is occupied with an office job sitting all day long, but this is not about modeling, of course.

Even though being a model means an active lifestyle, do not forget about keeping yourself in shape, or the way you will look on the catwalk will get you fired or told mean things.

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  1. My downfall is drinking water. I really never caught on to liking it:( Maybe if I cut out my tea, I would have a taste for the bland:) But, I do feel awful when I’m not hydrated. A lot can be said for keeping the liquids coming. I get headaches and feel generally depleted. Thank goodness for Limeade and Lemonade. I’ll graduate to water….eventually!

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