Your Child’s Dental Health: Necessity of Braces and Overcoming Angst

watermelon_kid_518133We all know that dental health is of great importance to general health of an entire organism and the quality of living throughout everyone’s lifespan. Having all this in mind, it becomes rather obvious that adequate care must be paid to dental health from a very early age, practically even before a child gets its first teeth. Furthermore, if there is a need for any corrective work, this needs to be done as soon as possible. This applies to braces as well and here are a couple of things that need to be known on the necessity of wearing braces and overcoming angst related to them.

When to start?

Regular dental examinations should begin when the first teeth show up. The children should be introduced to dentists and orthodontists even before dental problems occur to familiarize with the environment and get pass usual first anxiety and negative impressions. The best time to start wearing braces depends on how serious the problem is and what is the cause of teeth misalignment. Usually, this is between the age of 9 and 12, when a child looses the majority of his or her first teeth and gains most of permanent teeth. Also, the younger they are, the less emotional they will be about the entire situation.

Overcoming the angstbaby-616615_1280

Children often get emotional when it comes to wearing braces, which is perfectly understandable. The best way to overcome the angst is to talk to them openly about the necessity of wearing braces and constantly remind them of the benefits it will bring. Explain to them that the physical discomfort and pain will only last a couple of days at the beginning and after each adjustment. Educate them and help the pain relief. If you have examples in your immediate family, do include them and certainly remind your child about numerous celebrities that had worn and still are wearing them. It is also important they know that wearing braces is not their fault by any chance. As it is the case with everything else, younger children go through wearing braces rather effortlessly; teenagers are those that need more help. Luckily, they are usually not alone in it; there will certainly be a number of their school friends who wear braces, so you could even form a debate club, talk about it over cakes and lemonade and even have fun sharing experiences. Also, do not underestimate your children’s maturity; you will be surprised how rational they may be about their health and the necessity of improving it in the best way possible.

Braces maintenance

Maintenance of proper hygiene of braces and oral cavity is essential for the success of an entire process. Regarding the process of brushing, increase the regular dental hygiene and the outcome will be faster and safer.

As you can see, braces are all about timely reaction, discipline, and communication. Practically, just about anything related to your child’s growing up, and no matter how intimidating it may seem at first, by taking care of all three of these important factors, everything will end up well.

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