New York Fashion Week 2015 Beauty Tips

IMG_0898During New York Fashion Week, beauty experts from all around the world fly in to make sure that every single model is the epitome of perfection. With all this in mind, we can learn a lot about the make-up styles that they use. We can compile tips and pick up on trends from the coverage we see from fashion week. To help narrow down your searches, check out these great beauty tips inspired by New York Fashion Week 2015.

Eye shadow as highlighter

Eye shadow not only brightens up your eyes, but can also make your cheeks glow. Leave the darker colors for the eyelids, but the lighter hues such as silvers and golds IMG_0899are perfect as a highlighting device. To give your face a fresh and attractive shine, apply the eye shadow at the top of the cheekbones. This will help illuminate these areas, making your face gleam. The eye shadow can also be applied just under the brow bone for extra shimmer to your look.

Thick cat eyes

During Fashion Week, you won’t just be seeing light eye shadow with simple gloss on the lips. Stylists are all about making a statement. A bold and eye-catching make-up style is the thick eyeliner on the upper lid. Done in the right way, this can be the perfect look for a night out. If black seems too bold for you, try using a metallic hue of eyeliner for a softer appearance. Prep your eyelid with face powder so that the eyeliner has something to cling on to. Start at the inner line with the eyeliner brush and thicken the line as you reach the outer edge. Then go back and draw a line above the usual thickness you’re used to and follow out to the edge again. Fill in the space with the liner and set the look with black eye powder. This is a fierce look only to be approached by the brave and bold, have you got what it takes?

Hairstyles to look professional

IMG_0900Many of us starting out in our careers at a young age may struggle with getting the balance between what’s acceptable for the weekend and at the workplace. There are plenty of tips to achieve a more professional and mature look for a younger woman. Straighten your hair and slick it back into a low bun or ponytail in the middle of the bottom of the head. Use grips to keep any stray hairs from escaping and running wild. This will create an easy and sophisticated hair doo; ideal for helping the younger woman let everyone know she means business.

Applying cream blush

Cream blushes are great for creating a natural looking hint of color on your cheeks. However, this all depends on the way you apply it. If you’re guilty of making round circular movements on your cheeks hoping it’ll look right, you’ve been doing it wrong, sister. When applying blush to the face, always smile. This will lift up your face, making it easy for you to apply blush in the right places to get that boosting appearance. Apply the cream blush with your fingers by dabbing it on to the shelf of the cheek. Clean off your fingertips whatever residue is left over, and start a fresh by blending it downwards. This will help create an even spread of blush, making your cheeks look naturally lifted and flushed.

Matt your lips

We all have that favorite color lipstick that we just can’t get enough of. However, some days we may want a slight change to our look, but not sure how to go about it. An easy way of changing your usual glossy lipstick is by making it matt. Make sure your lips have been soaked in lip balm before hand to avoid pure dryness. Adjust your pink lipstick by dusting a similar shade of blusher on to the lips.

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By Pearl Whitehead

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