4 Killer Ways to Look Fabulous Without Spending Too Much

Girls are known to be shopaholics. For some unknown reasons, women have this secret “buy me now or regret later” mantra when they go shopping. However, if you’re experiencing financial crisis, you must know how to create balance between looking fabulous and shelling out hard-earned cash.

When girls want to be presentable and beautiful all the time, they become more resourceful and eager to learn about how to earn more to compensate their needs. In this article, there will be some suggestions on how to look hot and fabulous despite the recession pang.

Read them below:

Clean out your cabinet every now and then.

It is important that you understand the value of basic clothing and the ways to get new clothes through your old ones. While most of the articles are telling you how to save money, this article will help you to find money.

Check out your cabinet and sell the ones that you are no longer using. The money you will get from here is often bigger than you would expect. But, make sure to know which pieces of clothes to be left out for your everyday needs. Keep your basic tees, racer backs, black blazers, and trousers because you can mix and match them with accessories.

Also, vintage clothing style is trendy nowadays among young women. Thus, your old clothes are still worth keeping.

Make a list before you spend money on shopping.

While women are born to shop impulsively on any given day, you must learn how to buy from the shopping list. It’s like a framework of a project that you need to follow strictly. List the things you need and stick with your allotted budget. But first, prioritize the items on your list and do some “crime of impulse” buying if there is money left from your budget. If there is none, you must remind yourself to stop for now.

Check the size of the item you’re about to buy.

It’s good to buy clothes that are a perfect fit, but make sure you can maintain your size, or else you will end up not using it the next time. It is recommended to buy larger clothes than those that fit perfect. It is easier to do some changes if the dress is too large, unlike the small ones.

Maximize your accessories.

Use trendy yet inexpensive accessories because it can totally change the way you look. Even the simplest clothing style become fabulous because of the right accessories that tag along them. You can check some fashion tips from celebrities when it comes to accessorizing your outfit.

It is not bad to dress up every day, as long as you know what to prioritize; you’ll look fab than ever. Remember to be resourceful these days and maintain a low-cost yet fabulous wardrobe.

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