How To Style Mid-Length Hair

In the final months of 2014, it became very trendy and popular to cut your hair in to a striking bob. If you were one of the first of those trendy kids, now that we’re in 2015, your hair has most probably grown to a mid-length. Many people dread when their hair gets to this length, as they’re trying to grow it long for summer, and they may feel it just looks awkward. Mid-length hair doesn’t have to be boring. So fret no further. We have some great tips to keep your mid-length hair looking glorious. You’ll be making everyone else with different hairstyles extremely jealous. Confidence is key to any look, so find the hairstyle that makes you look and feel great.

Fall for a Fringe

An instant way to give some “oomph” to your mid-length hair is by adding a full fringe. This demands attention and can make your eyes stand out. This look can be dressed down as a chilled out, “boho” twist to your everyday appearance, or it can be dressed up as an edgy and dramatic evening look accompanied by fierce eye makeup. The fringe and mid-length hair suits any hair color, so it doesn’t matter if you’re bleach blonde or dark brown; you’re guaranteed to look fab. This easy and simple solution to your seemingly dull mid-length hair before will help give you a boost of confidence again, and will definitely turn some heads.

Centre-parted Straight Down-DoIMG_0862

When you feel your hair is an awkward length, it is difficult to know how to style it. You may feel your side parting just doesn’t look right anymore, and no matter which way you put it, it just really doesn’t work. No fear. Stick with a classic centre parting for a sophisticated look while you wait for your hair to grow. This simple alteration will put your mind at ease and it allows you to focus on looking wonderful. With no stress and no mess, this easy change will make you feel comfortable in your hair do.

Curly CureIMG_0863

If you have lacked motivation to style your hair and are bored with being poker straight all the time, then go for curls! By adding in texture and curls, your hair will then sit just above the shoulders, giving you a length that appears more comfortable. To give that extra volume and bounce to your lovely locks, curl the ends. This really gives your hair a boost and you’ll no longer feel it looks lifeless. You can go for loose waves to add texture and substance to your everyday hair for a feminine and fun finish.

Twist and Shout

A great way to style any length of hair is by working the twisted “updo”.  It’s simple and easy to do, so if you feel shy to complicated hairstyles, then this is the one for you. Simply divide your hair in half, start twisting your hair down one side right to the bottom of your neck and do the exact same thing on the other side. Then, when you have two twisted strands, simply tie them in a knot, whatever the length, and pin them in place at the bottom of the neck. At the front of your hair, you can pull at strands of hair to frame your face if you wish, or you can just leave it all twisted back. This easily attainable hairstyle can be rocked no matter what your hair length, and it looks more complicated than it really is! To make sure it stays in place, put in a few grips along the twists and spray with strong hold hair spray.

By Georgina Evans

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