Squash: Soup or Sautéed

IMG_0047Yellow squash is rich in vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, fiber, folate, and phytonutrients. They are also high in water content. Butternut squash is also rich in fiber and carotenoids. While yellow squash is more of a summer vegetable and butternut squash a winter one, you can eat then all year long. I’ve included recipes for both types.

Butternut Squash Soup

1 butternut squash, peeled and cut into wedges

1 onion, chopped

1 tbsp. butter

4 cups chicken broth


White pepper


In a large saucepan, add one chopped onion (sweet or yellow) and sauté in butter until translucent. Add chicken broth and squash. Simmer for 20 minutes. Using an immersion hand blender, mix until squash chunks are no longer visible and soup is creamy. Add salt, white pepper, and nutmeg to taste.

Sautéed Squash and Potatoes

2 yellow squash, sliced

2 white potatoes, peeled and sliced

1 onion, sliced

2 tsp. paprika

2 tsp. garlic powder

2 tsp. onion powder

1 tsp. seasoning salt

1 tsp. Cajun seasoning

Kosher salt


Canola oil

Using a mandoline or knife, slice squash, potatoes, and onion. Add a small amount of canola oil to a heated pan. Add squash, potatoes, onion, paprika, garlic and onion powder, seasoning salt, and Cajun seasoning. Stir, cover, and simmer for 10 minutes. Cook until vegetables are tender. Add kosher salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately.

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