Tips for Managing Stress in the Work Place

Check out this post by guest blogger, Patrick King.

There has never been a time when society has been more strained to push employees to the limits and put more pressure on those employees to produce more than they ever have before. The work week has been continually expanded, and according to one study, over 50% of Americans claim that they regularly work more than 45 hours per week; a majority of salaried employees claim that they regularly work over 50 hours per week. While we could talk for days about what has caused these changes to come about, the truth is that it’s really irrelevant. What does matter is that a majority of Americans work under these conditions and the stress put on those employees continues to rise. While jobs continue to be more stressful, there are some very simple tips that everyone can use to reduce the stress of their work place.

  1. Take Advantage of the Ride Home

Whether your commute to work is 5 minutes or 45 minutes, take advantage of that time alone and do whatever you can to take your mind off of work. Personally, I work in a Marketing Dept., but we work in the same corporate office as our Client Care Center that fields hundreds of calls each day…which you can imagine makes for a very noisy work environment. This ride home is your chance to leave work at the office. Whether you prefer to listen to music, or simply drive in silence, do whatever you have to do to forget about work.

2.  Take Regular Breaks

Studies show that people are most productive when they take breaks every 90 minutes. Even if this means that instead of taking a full, 60-minute lunch break, you take a 45-minute lunch, and then take a couple 5-7 minute breaks throughout the day; it goes a long way to not force yourself to focus on work for hours and hours at a time. Along the same lines as Tip 1, it’s also very important that while you are taking these breaks you are taking 5-7 minutes where you just let your mind let go of work. This has little to do with the work you are doing and much more to do with the fact that you brain just needs time where it isn’t forced to focus on any particular topic.

3.   Exercise

This is a tip that most likely just made a lot of people cringe. This is another thing in our country that is hugely misunderstood. Most people feel like they either need to not exercise at all, or be body building fitness experts. Believe it or not, there is a middle ground, and that middle ground is one of the keys to minimizing stress. What we mean by exercise is just some physical activity after the work day is done. This can be as simple as maintaining a garden, or in colder weather, walking a block down to the store a few times a week to pick stuff up. Again, the idea is to really focus on forcing your body and your mind to recognize that you are out of the office and no longer working. When you can fully leave the work place behind, that’s really when your body will start to relieve that stress.

Patrick King is the Search Marketing Manager for Premier Laser Spa, the nation’s leading provider of laser hair removal. When he’s not at the office, he really enjoys blogging to take his mind off the daily routine.

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