Top 7 Instruments Your Student Can Try

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When you are trying to find an instrument that your student can try, you need to think of all the things your student is capable of.  You want to match the abilities and needs of the child with an instrument.  Each instrument can give the student a whole new world to explore, and the instrument can become the student’s profession in the future.


The kid who wants to learn how to play rock music needs to make sure that they learn how to play guitar. You can purchase guitars in many sizes, and kids can move on to bass guitar if they want to learn to play all the instruments in a rock band.


Piano is the king of all instruments, and it works well for children who are very coordinated. The piano is also a good instrument to start with when children want to explore other instruments or write music. The child who needs assistance working on their coordination may be helped by the piano, but the piano may not work well for a student who has a hard time doing different things with each hand.


A student who wants to become a musician can become a drummer if they do not enjoy fiddling around with smaller instruments. Drums and percussion are great for the child who has a great deal of energy, and the smallest drum kits are inexpensive for parents to buy. The drums make way to other instrument, and they may be a good companion instrument for the child who is learning to play piano.


The violin can be sized to fit the student, and it is an easy instrument to begin on. The student can grow with their instrument as they progress, and they can begin very young. The violin is also a gateway to trying other string instruments. The student who wants to play Cello may need to start on violin first.


The flute is a good instrument to start on because it does not use reeds. The student can simply form a whistling shape with their mouth to make a sound, and they can play simple tunes. When the flute is too long for the student, they can get a curved head joint that they can use to make the instrument easier to reach.


The saxophone is the most modern of all the woodwind instruments. It is so modern that it is very easy to learn. The student can begin a lifelong process of learning the instrument, but they will feel comfortable when they start on the instrument as a young child.


The trumpet is a unique instrument in that it comes in multiple sizes. You can give a pocket trumpet to a very small child who wants to learn, and they can graduate to a full-size trumpet when they are big enough. Each and every child who starts on trumpet can move on to other brass instruments in the future if they choose.

When kids want to start on an instrument, the seven above are the best ones to choose. Once the beginners have moved on, they can learn anything they like.

Mike Dangeroux is the lead guitar and vocalist for the Mike Dangeroux Band, specializing in everything from classics to contemporary music for any event.

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