5 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy and Happy

I communicate with my son’s teacher frequently.  I dress him appropriately according to the school activity.  For instance, on the days that the students have art and cooking, I will dress him in one of his older outfits.  On the days that he has occupational therapy, he needs comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. His teacher commented on how well-dressed that we keep our son. I personally don’t like seeing well-dressed parents with unkempt children.  Children with uncombed hair, runny noses, dirty faces and clothes…not cool.  If anything, the parents should be willing to sacrifice so that their children can look nice. It doesn’t take much effort, only a willing spirit.  Now that school is back in session, here are some ways to keep your kids healthy and up to speed.

  1. Get all required immunizations.  Depending on their ages, children are required to have certain shots before returning to school. Check with your child’s pediatrician and /or school.
  2. Make sure that they are wearing the correct shoe and clothing sizes.  Kids go through growth spurts.  It’s especially important that they wear the correct shoe size.  They will avoid foot pain and problems later in life.  It doesn’t matter if the shoes cost $20 or $50.  I remember my mother taking me to Stride Rite because my feet were so narrow.  I wore patent leather Mary Janes (the shoes with the straps across the instep) for most of my childhood.  Ironically, I take my son to Stride Rite because his feet are wide.
  3. Keep vitamins and allergy medications on hand.  It may not be a bad idea to give your children a multivitamin for preventive maintenance.  Last school year, my son had a stomach virus that lasted almost a week, and he caught ringworm a few months later.  To treat ringworm in the hair, you have to take a pill for almost a month and follow-up with the doctor.  (I know that this doesn’t even scratch the surface when you think about the various illnesses.) Since he’s been taking this current allergy medication, he doesn’t suffer from seasonal allergies like before.
  4. Have a consistent bedtime.  My son’s bedtime is 8:00 pm regardless of whether it’s a school night.
  5. Keep your children active.  If you allow your children to watch television, put limitations on it. We turn the television off while my son eats because he appears mesmerized by certain commercials. Is it just a coincidence? I believe that it is deliberate.  Ever wonder why they call the television set an idiot box?  Do you know why more children are obese now?  Children, particularly those with special needs, need time outside for gross motor breaks and exercise movement time.  When they’re not in school, they need to be involved in positive activity.

Although being a parent can be exhausting sometimes, your children are gifts.  Treasure your time with them.



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