Life is Short, Do What You Love

Now that my short-term assignment is over, I have more time to spend with my family. I’ll admit that I enjoyed getting paid every week; however, some days I’d be gone for 12 hours. I would leave home around 7 am in the morning, drive an hour to work, and some days get home between 7 and 7:30 pm. My body and my mind were tired. I worked in a very high-stress environment. Sometimes, I couldn’t even take a day off because it was so busy.

After taking a year off to stay home with my son, I thought that I was missing something by being unemployed. Jobs are definitely not what they used to be. You’re basically used until you’re used up, especially if you’re a contractor. You performed tasks that full-time-permanent people did not feel like doing. Everyone wanted his or her needs satisfied. Everyone always needed help with something,but when you needed help, you didn’t get it.

At least I know that my family loves me no matter what. I would rather cater to my family any day before working any contract job like that again.

So, what happens when I get tired of being at home again? Well, it’s summertime. We had one family vacation at Great Wolf Lodge. That will not be our last time there. It was great! We had an awesome July 4th weekend with family at Six Flags. We went to the Bahamas for my birthday. Beautiful island! My son will be in summer school for half a day for the next month. On his days off, we’ll take him to the park, library, or some activity he enjoys. He’s very smart. You have to do things to keep his mind occupied.

As for me, I will focus on my health and well-being. Making sure that we’re eating healthy and getting enough exercise. Once my son leaves for school in the mornings, I take walks. They’re very therapeutic. I see the neighbors out walking, leaving for work, or working in their yards. My goal also is for you to read more blog posts from me. One readers mentioned that my blog is very informative; however, she doesn’t really know me from what I write. With that in mind, I will tell you a little more about me in my next few blogs. I thank those that are followers and have taken time to write comments.

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