How to Curb Your Obsessions



There may be something that you’re obsessed about, like food, a person, or a television show. We sometimes think that obsession is something that you see happening in the movies, but it is very much a reality. For me, I used to be addicted to watching soap operas. I remember my grandmother watching them when I was a kid. Many of them are off the air now, but there are a few that still air during the day like “The Young and the Restless” and the “The Bold and the Beautiful”. I stopped watching the latter a few years ago because the plot just got “old”…everybody sleeping around with the same people. I recently stopped watching “The Young and the Restless”. Since I started back working, I obviously couldn’t watch it during the day. With my unpredictable work schedule, I didn’t have to time to watch my DVR recordings. So, I erased all of them and just decided that I need to stop watching it period. People are still sleeping around, committing adultery, and taking bribes. These are not things that I need to poison my mind with. Temptations come around each day. Why add to it?

Too much television isn’t good for anybody. Specialists tell us not to let our 3-year old son watch television because he has a speech delay. He needs us to talk TO him. He needs to hear live speech. Every now and then I may watch movies, but for the most part, I spend my free time reading, journaling, blogging, and catching up on sleep. I also want to get back to racquetball since it does relieve stress.

Another obsession that I had was Candy Crush. Once you started playing and winning, it was hard to stop. The majority of us own tablets and smart phones with access to thousands of game apps. Or we play them on social media, which is also accessible on our mobile devices.

How do we curb our obsessions? If you have a job/career that keeps you busy, that definitely helps. When you’re not working, exercise, take walks, or play games or sports. If you enjoy reading, read an actual book. Reading on my IPad makes my eyes tired. I know that I’m old school, but I still read books…I even go to the library sometimes. It’s free…you can’t go wrong with a free book. (Just make sure that you bring it back by the due date).

My goal is to blog more. It is my passion. Any hobbies or passions that you have, I encourage you to pursue them. Take time to “cleanse” yourself. Rid yourself from the “poison” that television can produce. We want our kids to be their best. We should strive for that as well.

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