Don’t Miss Your Due Date

I have reached the age in which I need to get an annual mammogram.  It wasn’t that uncomfortable.  They gave everyone a free, pink shopping bag since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   A few days later, I get a call from that office telling me that they need to take more pictures of my left breast.  Also, depending on what they see, I may also need an ultrasound.  I schedule an appointment for the end of that week.

This time, the mammogram was more uncomfortable since it was a repeat and also that “time of the month”.  For confirmation, I needed to have an ultrasound as well.  That was uncomfortable, too, since the technician was pressing down hard as she took pictures.

It turned out to be a cyst; it’s nothing to worry about.  The doctors just wanted to be sure.  Cysts are benign and don’t require any further attention.  I just need to come back next year for my next mammogram.  I will definitely make sure that I follow-up with that.  My health is very important to me.

Ladies, if you are due for a mammogram, make sure that you go and get that done.  Be sure to continue with your monthly breast self-exams. If you feel a lump, let your doctor know.  Also, make sure that you eat healthy.  You cannot change your age or your genes, but you can choose to incorporate certain foods into your diet.  We eat fish three times per week and lots of fresh vegetables. We also drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.  I exercise a few days a week for about an hour.  If I don’t get to the gym, I walk around the neighborhood.  Thirty minutes of exercise a few times a week is a great start.  Also, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol.  (I never saw the appeal with either of them, but to each his own).  We also gave up soda three years ago…..even diet, which I didn’t like anyway.  Sometimes, you can surprise yourself;  the things that you don’t think you can live without you actually can after some time.

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  1. Excellent advice. Women are the leading healthcare givers but we don’t take Care of ourselves. We need to remember the airplane guide. Put out mask on first before we can help others.

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