Be an Advocate for Your Children

Some of you may remember the blog post that I wrote in August entitled “How Someone Tried to Use My Son’s Disability to Get a Sale”. Well, this time, we had an issue with one of the technicians that works with my son during the week.  There are two technicians that work with my son a total of 2 hours per day Monday through Friday.  This particular tech was relatively new; she just started a month ago.  After 2 weeks, she failed to show up for two sessions in a row because she felt overwhelmed and very stressed.  (Yes, this is her reason for not showing up).  I wasn’t too concerned at that time because we were going on vacation for 5 days.

I can understand that when you’re in college, there are times that you may feel stressed with classes, a part-time job, and your personal life.  Still, you know what you sign up for when you accept a position…..especially one where you work with children with special needs.  The final straw was this past Friday when she failed to show up at her scheduled time.  I waited the standard 15 minutes before I called her…..I get her voice mail. After leaving a message, I called again after 15 more minutes… answer.  Next, I called her supervisor to let her that she failed to show up for the scheduled session.  Then, I get a text message from her claiming that she didn’t know about the session, which was later confirmed to be an untruth.  After having a more in-depth conversation with her supervisor, we both agreed that it was best to remove her from the rotation.  After all, she didn’t seem to be interested in the job.

I make sure that my son is the primarily focus of every teacher and health care provider when they come to our home. I stay informed, ask questions, and follow-up.  If my son’s needs are not the focus, then that’s a problem.  When you work with children, especially those with special needs, you should do it because you care about them.  Don’t just do it because it looks good on a résumé or a college transcript. Maybe she thought that we would sympathize with her situation.  Not when it comes to my kid.  Get it to together or move on.  There are plenty of serious-minded students that need jobs. Those are the ones that will be working with my son.

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