Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

This past Saturday, I attended Women’s Bible Study at my church.  We had taken a break for the summer. I was looking forward to it all month.  The topic was “Ready, Set, Grow”.  In order for us to grow, we must first use Jesus as a model.  It must be intentional; we have to be willing to change something about ourselves in order to see growth.  If we don’t, we’ll still be in the same position unfulfilled.

This was an awesome study, but what I enjoyed the most about it was table talk.  We divided into small groups, and we discussed ways that each of us wanted to grow.  A common theme with our group was improving our health, making lifestyle changes, and using our unemployment as an opportunity to do the things that we’re passionate about.  I’m passionate about writing.  When I write, I need intellectual stimulation.  To move to the next level, I need to step out of my comfort zone.  Little did I know that the opportunity was at that moment.  Since I want to develop my writing gift,  I was designated as the note taker for the group.  Being the note taker also made me the spokesperson.  I had to get “comfortable with being uncomfortable” when it was time to present.

The words came as I read my notes. I was actually talking in front of a group of about 50 women!  It felt great!  I’m not a public speaker, but a lot of people thought that I did a great job.  Some of the women I knew while others I was meeting for the first time.  Even at church service the next day, some women were still talking about it.  I was definitely encouraged.  If I ever have another opportunity to lead or speak in front of a group, I won’t refuse it.  I’m sure that with time and practice, I’ll improve.

I know now that I need to make every effort to use my writing gift.  Even if I fail, I at least tried.  If you don’t, you’ll always wonder if you could have succeeded…….if you could have helped someone else reach their goals or given them encouragement.  Even in this crazy economy, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams or use your talents.  If you help one person, you’ve done a service. Whatever the case, don’t let fear keep you from achieving your goals.

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