Can Married Women Be Friends With Single Women?

Lately, I have been thinking about my friends.  Every now and again, you may have to cut somebody out of your life.  Once you get married, some people change, and oftentimes, it is not for the better.  I can honestly say that the single friends that I have are true friends.  They were happy for me and didn’t “hate” when I got married.  We celebrate each other’s achievements, and they  don’t get pleasure out of my misfortune.  Life happens to all of us.

Then there are those women that I was friends with at one time that have drifted away.  Not because they are “haters” necessarily, but because we no longer share the same goals or interests.  That’s typical.  All of us change in some way as we get older. Most of my friends are married, but I can be friends with a single woman as long as she has good intentions.  The enemy is always trying to ruin marriages, and he will sometimes use people to do it.  I’m very careful about who I call a “friend”,  but once you have my trust, that’s all I need.    Some women just need some good advice or an encouraging word.  I can give you that.

2 thoughts on “Can Married Women Be Friends With Single Women?

  1. Friendships are a hard thing to keep as the years go by. I think it’s like a marriage you have to work at it to keep it. I think this is true no matter what the genders are of the people involved.

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