My Son the Picky Eater

I’m remembering that this time last year, my son did not like to eat table food and drank from a bottle.  Now, at 2 1/2, he drinks from a straw and eats much more of a variety of foods.  He eats green veggies, oatmeal, chicken, turkey, and fish to name a few.  And he loves water!  How is THAT for progress?!  He’s hesitant to try new foods.  If it looks different from what he’s used to seeing, he won’t eat it right away if at all.  (Smart kid!). If he doesn’t like something, he drops it on the floor for the dog, who gobbles it up.  He looks out for his buddy.

To give you some background information, my son was born premature at 26 weeks.  His occupational therapist is amazed and very pleased with his progress.  It’s really a blessing.  He’s our only child, but a very special one that always makes us proud parents.

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